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        PE pipe extrusion line flow chart

         Technological Flow Chart


        1.         Drying feeding

        2.         main extruder and mark color extruder

        3.         head mould

        4.         vacuum molding ‘thickness finder(can choose by self)

        5.         vacuum cooler

        6.         single vacuum jetting

        7.         jetting cooler

        8.         printer

        9.         tractor

        10.     planet cutter

        11.     stacker

         This production line is mainly used for producing polyolefine,polyethylene pipe material,it is suitable for high speed extruding of PE,PP,PB,PERT pipe material.It has applied strong compact decelerator box,block type separation screw,channeled cylinders,basket type extruding mould,etc.It provides strong guarantee for users to produce high quality plastic pipe material.